Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Oooh..What's that sound?.....

...........OH. It's just some tumbleweed blowing about..........

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The little man is now ONE!!!

Boy what a busy few days we have had!

It was the little mans first birthday on Monday, and the other half's birthday yesterday so we have been busy celebrating :)

I still can't believe a whole year has passed since the little man entered the world!

On Saturday we had a little tea party at our house with a few bits to eat, nothing too much, there were 5 children and 5 adults, I put on a spread of some butties, fruit, salad, crisps, drinks, cake etc..Then after we had eaten we headed off to the local soft play where the kids had a play (an the adults too he he) It was good fun, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The little man was so over excited when we got home bless him, took him ages to wind down.

The next day we went out for a meal with some of my family which was really nice as some of them hadn't seen the little man since he was a few months old. Then Monday (The Little Mans Birthday) we had my Mum and little sis come over, and he opened all his presents!

OMG you would not believe how many pressies he had in total, he got so much from everyone! He's such a lucky little boy! It took us about 2 hours open them! (we did have a dinner break in between though)

When I first brought him down from his nap and showed him all the pressies he cried, bless him, he didn't have a clue what was going on, but he soon got stuck in :o) He got some really nice gifts! Myself and the other half have had such fun playing with them...oh and of course the little man too...he he!

It seems to have gone by in a flash, but I'm totally worn out now! I'm very much looking forward to chilling with my little man tomorrow.

......So, my baby boy is now a one year old, and not so much of a baby anymore, he's taking more and more steps each day so I guess we're now into toddler hood?....

Anyway I thought I'd share a link to a montage that I made - Enjoy :o)

Friday, 16 October 2009

..the next day!

So after feeling a bit fed up that the pineapple hadn't work, I decided to waddle up to bed! Not that I got much sleep!

I had the worst nights sleep ever! I just could not get comfortable what so ever, I was getting quite annoyed as I tossed and turned, I felt like I had no room to move, although I practically had the whole bed (ha sorry love!!) I was also getting braxton hicks contractions which were quite annoying, I'd been getting them for weeks so I didn't think anything of them, they were just pissing me off! ha!

It got to about 6.45am and I'd had enough and I decided to get up, it wasn't as if I was getting much sleep anyway! So up I get (which prob took me about 10 minutes to do in itself ha ha) and off I toddle to the loo. On my way to the loo my waters went!

Wow what a strange feeling that is!

OMG I was sooo excited and nervous at the same time!!! Wooohooo! My waters had gone! My baby boy is on his way :o)

I go back to our bedroom and poke the other half and let him know my waters had gone, and to tell him that I'm going to phone the hospital. I phone the hospital who asked me to come in so they can check that my waters had actually gone (well I hadn't frigging peed my pants!). I think it was about 8.45 when we got to the hospital. I had spent most of that 2 hours putting things in place ready for me bringing home our little baby, I was soooo expecting for them to keep me in, but no!....After they checked me and monitored me for a while they sent us back home. I was having contractions, but not strong ones, so they said it was best if I went home.

So off we go back home, feeling slightly disappointed that we were returning home with no baby, but hey he was on his way which was all that mattered!

I was OK, the contractions weren't hurting, they were actually making me laugh ha ha! It's such a shame they didn't stay like that!....

Hours & hours had passed, it was about 4pm, and I was starting to feel in real pain so I called the hospital back and asked if I could go in, I was finding the pain quite hard to deal with by this point, and was hoping to go into hospital and get an epidural. I needed to be 4cm dilated to get an epidural, and after contracting for about 7/8 hours I was sure I must have been there....
Well I wasn't!!! :( I was only flippin 1cm!!! Well that was it! I was gutted and started sobbing, 1cm after all that time and pain, they couldn't give me anything and sent me back home!!! I was not happy one bit! I was in sooo much pain!

We get back home and I try to have a bath which was suppose to ease the pain! Did it help? Did it buggery!!! If anything it made it worse!!! I think I managed a whole 5 mins in the bath, before trying to climb out (which is not easy when your the size of a whale and in agony!)
I decide to lye in bed and we put my fave film on (Mrs Doubtfire) hoping it would help a bit.

The other half was doing so well trying keep me focused on breathing correctly and rubbing my back, but the contractions were one after another, I was actually vomiting the pain was that bad!

Enough was enough I really couldn't cope any longer, I called the hospital again and told them I was coming in, not that they could probably understand me and I was crying hysterically! By the time we arrived back at the hospital it was 11pm (ish)

I remember being stood outside the maternity doors just sobbing waiting for them to let us in, I was a complete mess! So they do more checks only to find i was only 1.5 cms!!!

WTF!?!?! 1.5 god damn cms!!! HOW ON EARTH WAS I ONLY 1.5CMS??? I had been contracting for about 15hours! ALL THAT PAIN!!!

I was begging the midwife to give me some pain relief, so she said I could have some pethidine. She explained that it wouldn't get rid of the pain completely but it would take the edge off. I really didn't care by that point, I was willing to take anything if it helped me with the pain! So she gave me the injection, and within a few minutes I felt like I was having an out of body experience! It was so surreal! The pain was certainly easier to deal with, but I was totally out of it due to the pethidine.

When the midwife gave me the pethidine she also put monitor on me to monitors baby's heartbeat. Within minutes his heartbeat had dropped so low, she pressed a buzzer and some more people came in, she kept saying it was all OK but we knew something was up, we weren't stupid!!
They had to do some quick tests to check his oxygen but that was dropping too. The next thing I know I'm getting forms shoved in my face to sign for me to have a C-Section, I'm being wheeled through a corridor into a prep room, and the other half's was given some scrubs to wear.

To be honest it was all happening so quickly, plus I was totally out of it from the pethidine, I was really not taking it all in, it was like I was watching an episode of casualty!

I vaguely remember the anaesthetist giving me a spinal block, and I remember them trying to insert a drip into my hand but they kept messing up with my left hand so it ended up in my right one, that hurt a lot! The drip actually hurt a lot more than the spinal block. I then got moved onto the surgery table. The anaesthetist kept spraying my belly with ice cold spray to see if I was numb yet.

Once I was numb they started the section, it was such a weird feeling! I couldn't feel any pain, just pushing a pulling. It also felt like they were crushing my lungs, I felt like I could hardly breathe..moments later the boy was out, I knew he was out but they didn't show him to us! I kept saying to the other half 'he's out, he's out, why can't we see him?' the other half was trying not to worry me and kept saying that he wasn't out yet but I knew he was.

After what felt like a lifetime, we heard a little squawk! I couldn't see him but hearing that little noise from my baby boy was amazing!

Sunday 19th October 2008, 1.05am our little boy entered the world. He was perfect, and a very healthy 8lb 11oz.

I later found out that the reason I felt I couldn't breathe was because he was too long for my body and was quite far under my ribs, they had to scoop him from under them, he had to be revived at birth but thankfully the doctors did an amazing job and revived our little boy!

52 weeks ago!!!

Exactly 52 weeks ago today, I was a heavy overly pregnant lump! Eagerly awaiting the birth of our baby boy!!

I had read lots of old wives tales about how to get labour started as I was getting a bit impatient he he! I was 3 days overdue, and the induction date was looming...

There's lots of different things that are supposed to help bring on labour like hot curry's, walking, Castor oil, pineapple,the list goes on..but I was way too tired to go walking, I really didn't fancy a curry in case it worked and started labour but with a bad tummy... so I had decided to try a bit of pineapple...OK well it was actually quite a lot, I ate that much my mouth burnt....Oops!

That was at around 3pm, the afternoon and evening passed, but still nothing, no contractions, no twinges, nothing!

Little did I know what the next day would bring......

Monday, 12 October 2009

His little face....

So one good thing about going to work is getting chance to miss the little man. It honestly makes me appreciate every minute I get with him.

Coming home to a happy smiley little boy who's excited to see us home is something you simply can not beat!

His little face lights up when he sees his Mummy and Daddy peer through the window and he comes crawling towards the door. When we open the door he gets to his knees, and he usually starts clapping and waving, he then raises his arms for one of us to pick him up. I love that moment, those hugs, those kisses, the smell of my boy, his beautiful little smile!

My heart just melts thinking of his gorgeous little face. These moments are ones I will cherish forever, such precious hugs, such precious kisses, such precious times.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Today has been a lovely day with my gorgeous little man and my darling other half.

The other half let me lye in today so I staying in bed till about 9.30 - BLISS!!! It was much needed, I was absolutely shattered yesterday!

Anyway once I got up I started to get ready to take the little man to the park, it looked really sunny so I thought we could go while we had had chance, so off I go to get showered etc - but by the time I had finished getting ready it was 12 noon and it had started raining! TYPICAL!!!!

No - It doesn't usually take me 2.5 hours to get ready, but as I was getting ready I was also cleaning the house as I passed each room!

Gutted - I can't believe its raining just as I have finished getting ready! It was the time to give the little man some dinner anyway so we gave him his dinner and luckily the rain had passed - It only ended up being a short shower :o) So we made it to the park after all. We had fun swinging on the swings, the little man loves the swings lots and giggles his little head off!

After we left the park we nipped to the local supermarket for some bits. I managed to get some wrapping paper too, so I've now managed to wrap the little mans birthday presents - Yay!
I'm sooo excited! Next weekend will be the weekend we celebrate his birthday! I can not wait! I hope next week doesn't go as slow as this week did! And after this week I'm off work for a week!

So lots to look forward too :o)

Friday, 9 October 2009

Yay - The weekend is here!

Well last week I was off work sick :( I was really unwell, in fact all three of us were unwell last week! It was not good! All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and recover, but the little man was not having any of it! Even though he was ill he was still getting into mischief! Little monkey!
I don't know what it is with babies, but they just seem to be attracted to everything dangerous - like trying to mess with plugs, or plug sockets, or climbing the sofa and trying to dive off! I'm sure the boy thinks he's indestructible! So we spent the whole week chasing around after him, keeping him away from harms way.

Anyway with having a week off work, it meant I had a lot to catch up on at work on Monday. I hate having time off work and trying to get on top of it all! To top it off my team was changing this week, it changed from me managing 2 people to 15, which is just a little bit of a bit of a difference ha! I'm not complaining though! To be honest I've been lucky to have only had 2 people since I returned from mat leave, it's eased me back in nicely.

Despite the busy week, it seems to have gone bloody slow!! It prob didn't help that I kept thinking Monday was Tuesday, which set me back the whole week! Whats that all about? And I did two long shifts this week 7.15am - 6.00pm.

So I'm pooped now, but the weekend is here, the little man is asleep, and I'm just about to enjoy a nice glass of wine :)

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with the little man and the other half though! It's amazing how much being at work makes me appreciate my time with them more!